Client :: Student Project at FIT
Instructor :: Vincenzo Vella
Kana is a Japanese-inspired typeface based off the country’s writing system of Katakana. In Japan, Katakana is specifically used for the transcription of foreign words into Japanese–unlike Hirigana which is used for native words.
Example: Hamburger is a foreign item and therefore in Katakana would be written as ハンバーガー (Ha-n-baa-gaa).
The grid for Kana was created from analyzing common forms found in the Katakana writing system. Three type families were created.
Experimental Typography
If you haven't heard of Banana Yoshimito, you're missing out on an amazing author. She was a major influence to this typeface. I read Kitchen in high school and fell in love with her writing style as well as contemporary ideas. In college, I came across Lizard, a series of short stories and that's what sold me in designing a Japanese-inspired Roman type family for a set of her three books.  

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