Mid-Autumn Festival
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Every year on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar, many Southeast Asian countries celebrate what most call the Mid-Autumn Festival. On this night, many family and friend gatherings are held outdoors to celebrate under the full moon.
The Standard’s rooftop in NYC seemed to be a very suitable spot to celebrate this once a year event. To match the upscale location, this invitation was designed with a focus on a clean typographic layout as well as to provide every recipient a spiritual experience. 
Invitation Design, Event Branding
The concept of the logo for the event was a combination of 3 things: the abstract symbol for the Chinese word 'Prosperity', mooncake (which is an essential treat or gift you cut open to share during the Mid-Autumn Festival), and well of course the moon!
There are four parts of the logo that all come together to form one unified piece. It serves as a representation for the gathering of friends and family during this special holiday. It also doubles as a yummy symbol for mooncake when cut into four pieces. Yum!
moon phases // seven to eleven o'clock in the evening
The design of the invitation was inspired by the beautiful and elegant layouts of Chinese handscrolls. Commonly in the past, Chinese was written from top to bottom and this created a very unusual, but charming layout.
Though the final text reads from top to bottom along the long edges of the invite, the initial layout was actually assembled while rotated (with the short edges on the left and right) to help capture the essence of layouts from Chinese handscrolls.

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