Client :: Student Project at FIT
Instructor :: Frederun Scholz
Collaborator :: Natalie Ulbedaguray                                                                                                                                                        
+PLAY is an experimental project that explores play in the creative process. Think about when you were a child and lost track of time building lego monuments and playing house at the playground. The little world that as children we easily and naturally visited was what we both tried to revisit.
Play allows an individual to realize new possible methods when solving problems by not following any specific rules. You should not always be cautious in decisions you make so you CAN end up in blind alleys. The benefits of not planning ahead or within your comfort zone can lead to undiscovered perspectives and this is what we strived to remember.
Photography, Art Direction, Stop Motion
Below are a short series of photos we shot with our handy cupcake to visualize our stress level throughout the weeks of this thesis:
Week 1  "Not to bad yet, juust getting started..."
Week 4  "Ugh nothing's working out!! We are so done for!"
Week 8  "Give me one sec, let me just go bang my head on that wall over there..."
Week 16  "We're done, goodbye."
With the mindset of playing and having fun, we tackled mini-challenges that were basically our process in helping us further develop the idea of the final project.  They were all put together using items we only found laying around school, our classroom studio or backpacks. 

Project 01: Create a title for your thesis that will displayed in an exhibition.
This was the very first idea for our title for the project.

Project 02: Create a piece that conjoins the topic of your thesis and the Superbowl
(Yup, it was around that time...)
I brought ton of toys from home that day for some color palette inspiration, but who knew they could became the star players of our supperbowl board game? After bouncing ideas for rules of the game off each other, this ended up being something that even our classmates got to try their hand at.
Goal: Whichever player gets the tart "football" to the opponent’s side gets to park their car in the opponent’s territory. When all of the cars are parked at the opponent’s end of the board, the game is over.
We tried to keep a curious mindset during this exercise. After trying multiple ways and running into dead ends, we realized we wouldn’t have gotten closer to a successful solution if we didn’t first fail a few times.

Project 03: Create a piece that conjoins the topic of your thesis and Dadaism.
Dada was an art movement that rejected all conventional aesthetics. The movement’s artists were known for using ready-made objects and giving them an alternative function in order to question the role of the artist and definition of art. We drew inspiration from this mindset and decided to pick a ball of tangled string that was laying around to “dada-fy” it–to give something that's usually used for sewing, a different meaning and purpose.
All the ideas in our head were like this tangled mess and by making connections, we were able to pull out this one idea out from many. Using a page from an old magazine that we found in our classroom, we were able to develop a clearer presentation of our idea. 

Project 04: Create a piece that conjoins the topic of your thesis and food
As we brainstormed how to approach this project, we couldn’t think of any food in particular that associated with the idea of play. In the end, we decided not think too much of it and to just have fun with the materials around us.
We created our version of a cheeseburger using our handy-dandy post-it notes and paper towels to see the potential of how materials can be used other than their intended use– in other words: repurposing materials.
We realized that all of these mini-challenges led to interesting concepts that we would have never have come across if we were to merely brainstorm. Most importantly we had so much fun creating them! So with the motivation of upgrading our creative process, we made a portable book that carries a collection of cards containing multiple themes and mediums to help generate our own prompts. It would allow us to do fun exercises on our own or with other people when going through designer’s block for any kind of project.
Keeping with the rules of the mini-challenges, we also created this book using materials around us: cardboard, cardstock, paint, and markers!
The mix & match challenges you to make a connection between a randomly chosen theme and subject matter using while also incorporating the medium drawn. Below are some examples of possible matches.
A video explaining it all:
Add a little play in your life, it's not just for children!

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